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Composer & Arranger

Iman was commissioned to write a composition for the BIM 50 years Anniversary (2022) called Rise & Fall.

Iman wrote numerous compositions for Gellybooty, Captain Hook, European Union Quartet, TRUNK, Iman Spaargaren Quartet & Septet, Voice of Monk, Eyeman All Stars, Pelican Three, Undercurrent Trio, Undercurrent Orchestra and Iman Spaargaren Quintet.

Iman wrote many arrangements for professional ensembles such as Iman Spaargaren Septet, Undercurrent Orchestra and Iman Spaargaren Quintet. He also wrote numerous arrangements for student ensembles o.a. On the Roll, Dr Loevenhout & Consorten, StartAfresh, Kosmosis Bigband (Amsterdam), Tegenwind (Utrecht) various workshops at Buitenkunst, U Jazz (Utrecht) and for multiple workshops in France.

Iman is working as a director for Kosmosis Bigband, StartAfresh (Utrecht), Dr Loevenhout & Consorten (Utrecht) and has been working in the past with o.a. On the Roll (Utrecht), various student ensembles at Buitenkunst (2015 - 2022) and the Sessions (Buitenkunst, 2021).