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SUN 14 JUL 2024

BUNK (Amsterdam) - Undercurrent Trio


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Undercurrent Trio: guitar player Guillermo Celano (ARG), drummer Marcos Baggiani (ARG) and saxophonist and clarinettist Iman Spaargaren (NL).

The music of Undercurrent Trio offers a wide variety of different moods. Melodies from the heart tell a story while the band moves through musical landscapes using different timbre and contrasts. Adventures in musical styles create cinematic music in dreamy colours, dark gloomy thick grooves or sharp edgy political commentary.

The four musicians explore the engaging and sometimes compelling compositions by taking much freedom of expression and by creating strong interplay and fierce improvisations.

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The press about Undercurrent Trio's album 'High Tide Low Tide':

"Exceptionally beautiful album" (Marie-Claire Melzer, Jazzism Magazine)

"Musical extremes define this interesting, compelling album" (Johan Bakker, Nederlands Dagblad)

"With High Tide Low Tide, the Undercurrent Trio knows how to sketch a musical sign of the times in a unique way" (Robin Arends,

A musical sequel has been released under the name of Undercurrent Orchestra with Gerard Kleijn, Joost Buis (trombone) and Annie Tangberg (cello). The press about Undercurrent Orchestra's album 'Everything Seems Different':

"That’s a whole bunch of see-sawing moods expressed through ensemble, solo and group improv, impressionistically slipping between thoughtful arrangements, loose affiliations and uninhibited free music, all suspended over an eclectic set of rhythms. The Orchestra, enthusiastically underlined by drummer Marcos Baggiani, picks and mixes beats from samba, railways, Saharan caravans and horseback.
An artistic interpretation of the Covid-19 pandemic: the courageous Undercurrent Orchestra were certainly among the first to tackle this toughest of subjects. And, what’s more, have done a commendable job (Len Weinreich, London Jazz News)

"Ce disque très varié maintient l’attention, la curiosité et le plaisir de la première à la dernière note" (Jean Buzelin,

"With the colorful instrumentation of Undercurrent Orchestra, Iman Spaargaren delivers an evocative album" (Bernard Lefevre, Jazzhalo)

"Every composition on the album has something that touches the heart" (Sjoerd van Aelst, Jazzflits)

Iman Spaargaren plays different reeds. He played with different ensembles troughout Europe and the USA and released many recordings under his own name. He was Young VIP in 2012 which gave him the opportunity to perform with his own group at renowned venues all through The Netherlands. He was granted a composition assignment for quintet to celebrate 50 years of BIMhuis in 2022.

"Melody and lyricism are strong features of saxophonist and composer Iman Spaargaren. With clear expositions he wanders on paths leading to adventure" (Jan Jasper Tamboer, het Parool).

North Sea Jazz Composition Prize winner Guillermo Celano plays guitar:

Celano spices his cohesive compositions with stylistic quirks, creating intensely melodic and refreshing frameworks for improvisation – a rare gift” (Andy Hamilton, The Wire)

Guillermo has worked with o.a. Michael Moore, Joachim Badenhorst, Clemens van der Feen, Ellery Eskelin, Chris Cheek, Ingrid Laubrock, Gerard Kleijn, Joost Kesselaar, Robin Verheyen, Josef Dumoulin and Gorka Benitez.

Marcos Baggiani is a versatile drummer with firm roots in improvised music. Over the years he has been working with o.a. Sylvie Courvoisier, David Kweksilber, John Edwards, Ernst Reijseger, Han Bennink, Achim Kaufmann.

Listen to the new album by Undercurrent Orchestra Everything Seems Different on Spotify. Or check High Tide Low Tide from Undercurrent Trio on Spotify

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