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Music & Video EyeMan All Stars


Video from EyeMan All Stars "Sly Fly". Their debut CD has been released at Eyeman Records, available on Bandcamp

A fresh group based in Amsterdam who combines hip jazz improvisation with stone grooves.

Songs ranging from Eddie Harris-70’s funk (Get A Life) to New Orleans-style grooves (Snaakje), from Afro-groove (Monsieur Toubab) to Motown vibes (Sly Fly). And from lush soundscape (Dreamstate) to Brazilian samba (New Morning).

Check their debut album 'Sly Fly' which will be released soon on Eyeman Records!

Strong melodies go together with colorful chords while a groovy bass and tight drums glue it all together. Passionate solo’s and positive vibes make this new album a true musical trip.

Circonflex - Live at Pleintheater Amsterdam

Monsieur Toubab - Live at Pleintheater Amsterdam

Snaakje - Live at Pleintheater Amsterdam

Witch Hunt - Live at Pleintheater Amsterdam

The new album 'Sly Fly' is available on Bandcamp